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"863" programme project    The research and development on efficient bidirectional impeller in tidal flow power generationTang Hongwu2009-01-012011-12-30
"863" programme project    Watershed management model and the integrated platform of two GIS objects shared structureRen Liliang2009-01-012011-12-30
"863" programme project    The crop-water deficit compensation, rice water deficit controlled irrigation regulation index system and modesPeng Shizhang2006-12-012010-12-30
"948" Innovative Dissemination    Study on Key Techniques in the Application of Uranium Disequilibrium to Groundwater Resources Evaluation in Northwest Inland Arid AreaWu Yongxiang2007-9-42007-5-6
"948" Technology Introduction Program    River Stratum Monitoring Technologies and EquipmentsCai Shouyun2007-6-52007-7-8
"948" Technology Introduction Program    Application of Regional L-moment AnalysisLiu Jiufu2007-10-32007-7-6
"948" Technology Introduction Program    Decision support system for watershed water resources and flood managementLi Yun2005-7-12007-7-1
"948" Technology Introduction Program    Coupled atmosphere-hydrology model and its simulation platformPeng Shizhang2004-5-12008-3-1
"973" programme project    Assessment of the impacts of climate change on hydrological cycle and water resoureces safety for Huang-Huai-Hai regionZhang Jianyun2010-7-12014-12-1
"973" programme project    The processes and the mechanism of sediment and salinity change in Yangtze River estuary under the impacts of major hydraulic worksZheng Jinhai2010-1-12011-12-1
"973" programme project    The transport, transformation of multi-medium pollutants and sediment baseline in lakesWang Peifang2009-03-012010-12-30
"973" programme project    The kinetic mechanism of earth-rock dam and reservoir coupled systemChen Shengshui2007-12-012011-12-30
China National Key Natural Science Foundation Program    Intrusion of salt-water at the Yangtze River EstuaryHan Naibin2004-8-12006-12-1
Huo Yingdong Funding Program    Effects on rainfall-runoff and pollution production over slopes due to the macropore flowFeng Jie2006-9-12008-12-1
International Cooperation Program    Physical wave experiment for constructing dykes by soil-dumping in the new port area in Pusan, KoreaPan Junning2005-10-12005-12-1
International Cooperation Program    Education model for integrated water resources managementGuan Yiqing2004-11-12005-12-1
International Cooperation Program    Integrated watershed water resources management techniquesLiu Ling2004-1-12007-12-1
International Cooperation Program    Risk evaluation in regional land utilizationDong Zengchuan2001-1-12004-12-1
International Cooperation Program    Water isotope investigation in major riversLu Baohong2004-12-1
Key MWR Program on Basic Research    Utilizing rain and flood resources in Haihe River BasinHu Siyi2007-12-52007-12-7
Key MWR Program on the Science and Technology of Water Resources    The model for evaluating impacts of Climate Change on RunoffRen Liliang2007-1-42007-12-5
Key Science and Technology Research Program of Ministry of Education    Continental water resources and the sustainable utilization of water resourcesDong Zengchuan2004-4-1.2006-12-1
MWR funded project    Strategies for Urban Water DevelopmentLiu Jiufu2007-6-42007-6-5
MWR funded project    Study on the Hydrological and Ecological Problems of Balkhash Lake-Ili RiverXia Ziqiang2007-11-32007-12-4
MWR funded project    Development of Universal Tools for the Analysis of Water Resources Demand and Requirement in a Basin or RegionLiu Heng2007-10-42007-12-5
National Basic Research Program of China (863 Program)    Water resources environmental management and operation mode customized to middle and small cities in northern ChinaShi Guoqing2005-6-12006-6-1
National Basic Research Program of China (863 Program)    Data mining and intelligent service of the water conservancy informationAi Ping2005-6-12006-12-1
National Basic Research Program of China (863 Program)    Research and demonstration of the techniques for improving water environment quality and restoring ecology in ZhenjiangZhu Wei2004-5-12005-12-1
National Basic Research Program of China (863 Program)    Integrated water resources management techniques in river basinLiu Ling2004-10-12008-12-1
National Basic Research Program of China (863 Program)    Investigation of the flow regime change in Lake Wuli and the conditions for guaranteeing ecology restoration in western Lake WuliZhu Wei2004-10-12005-12-1
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