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·Validation of TRMM Data in the Black Volta Basin of Ghana Adjei Kwaku Amaning,Ren Liliang,Appiah-Adjei Emmanual Kwame,Kankam-Yeboah Kwabena ,Agyapong Albert AnningJournal of Hydrologic Engineering17、5、647-654 2012
·Temporal and spatial variation of thermal structure in Three Gorges Reservoir: A simulation approach Dai Lingquan ,Dai Huichao ,Jiang DingguoJournal of Food Agriculture & Environment10、2、1174-1178 2012
·DEM-based numerical modelling of runoff and soil erosion processes in the hilly-gully loess regions Yang Tao ,Xu Chongyu ,Zhang Qiang ,Yu Zhongbo ,Baron Alexander ,Wang Xiaoyan ,Singh Vijay P.Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment26、4、581-597 2012
·Multiplicity of positive solutions for a (p(1), p(2))-Laplacian system and its applications Cheng Xiyou,Lu HaishenNonlinear Analysis-Real World Applications13、5、2375-23902012
·The Effect of a Gravel-Sand Mulch on Soil Water and Temperature in the Semiarid Loess Region of Northwest China Lü,H.,Yu,Z.,Horton,R.,Zhu,Y.,Zhang,J.,Jia,Y.,and Yang,CJournal of Hydrologic Engineering10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.00004492012
·Statistical downscaling of extremes of precipitation and temperature and construction of their future scenarios Yang,T.. H. Li,C.-Y. Xu,Z. Yu.Hydrological Processes26、3510–3523. 2012
·Statistical downscaling of extreme daily precipitation, evaporation, and temperature and construction of future scenarios Yang Tao ,Li Huihui,Wang Weiguang,Xu Chongyu,Yu,ZhongboHydrological Processes26、23、3510-35232012
·Multi-model ensemble projections in temperature and precipitation extremes of the Tibetan Plateau in the 21st century Yang Tao ,Hao Xiaobo ,Shao Quanxi ,Xu Chongyu ,Zhao Chenyi ,Chen Xi ,Wang WeiguangGlobal and Planetary Change80-81、1-132012
·Impact of the Three Gorges reservoir operation on downstream ecological water requirements Li Qiongfang ,Yu Meixiu ,Zhao Jianhua ,Cai Tao ,Lu Guobin ,Xie Wei ,Bai XueHydrology Research43、1-2、48-53 2012
·Assessing water resources in China using PRECIS projections and a VIC model Wang G. Q. ,Zhang J. Y. ,Jin J. L. ,Pagano T. C. ,Calow R. ,Bao Z. X. ,Liu C. S. ,Liu Y. L. ,Yan X. L.Hydrology And Earth System Sciences16、1、231-2402012
·Numerical modeling the role of rubber dams on groundwater recharge and phreatic evaporation loss in riparian zones Chen Xi , Ling Minhua ,Zhou Qiu ,Zhang Zhicai ,Cheng QinboEnvironmental Earth Sciences65、1、345-3522012
·Estimating selected parameters for the XAJ model under multicollinearity among watershed characteristics Bao Weimin ,Li QianJournal of Hydrologic Engineering17、1、118-1282012
·Grid parameterization of a conceptual distributed hydrological model through integration of a sub-grid topographic index: necessity and practicability Liu Jintao ,Chen Xi ,Wu Jichun ,Zhang Xingnan ,Feng Dezeng ,Xu ChongyuHydrological Sciences Journal-Journal Des Sciences Hydrologiques57、2、282-297 2012
·Assessment of evolving TRMM-based multisatellite real-time precipitation estimation methods and their impacts on hydrologic prediction in a high latitude basin Yong Bin ,Hong Yang ,Ren Li-Liang ,Gourley ,Jonathan J. ,Huffman George J. ,Chen Xi ,Wang Wen,Khan Sadiq I.Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres117,D09108 2012
·Assessing vegetation response to drought in the Laohahe catchment, North China Liu Xiaofan,Ren Liliiang,Yuan Fei,Xu Jing,Liu WeiHydrology Research43、1-2、91-1012012
·A novel multiple flow direction algorithm for computing the topographic wetness index Yong Bin ,Ren Liliang ,Hong Yang ,Gourley Jonathan J. ,Chen Xi ,Zhang Youjing ,Yang Xiaoli ,Zhang Zengxin ,Wang WeiguangHydrology Research43、1-2、135-145 2012
·One-dimensional hydrodynamic model accounting for tidal effect Zhang Xiaoqin Bao Weimin ,Qu Simin ,Yu ZhongboHydrology Research43、1-2、113-1222012
·Potential natural vegetation dynamics driven by future long-term climate change and its hydrological impacts in the Hanjiang River basin, China Yuan Fei ,Ren Liliang ,Yu Zhongbo ,Zhu Yonghua ,Xu Jing ,Fang XiuqinHydrology Research43、1-2、73-902012
·Quantitative analysis of runoff reduction in the Laohahe basin Ren Liliang ,Liu Xiaofan ,Yuan Fei ,Xu Jing ,Liu WeiHydrology Research 43、1-2、38-47 2012
·Impacts of land use and land cover changes on evapotranspiration and runoff at Shalamulun River watershed, China Yang Xiaoli ,Ren Liliang ,Singh V. P. ,Liu Xiaofan ,Yuan Fei ,Jiang Shanhu ,Yong BinHydrology Research43、1-2、23-37 2012
·Analyzing the effects of climate variability and human activities on runoff from the Laohahe basin in northern China Jiang Shanhu ,Ren Liliang ,Yong Bin ,Fu Congbin ,Yang XiaoliHydrology Research43、1-2、3-13 2012
·The hydrological cycle and water security in a changing environment in china preface Ren Liliang ,Li Qiongfang ,Yuan FeiHydrology Research43、1-2、1-22012
·Comprehensive evaluation of multi-satellite precipitation products with a dense rain gauge network and optimally merging their simulated hydrological flows using the Bayesian model averaging method Jiang Shanhu,Ren Liliang,Hong Yang,Yong Bin,Yang Xiaoli,Yuan Fei,Ma MingweiJournal of Hydrology452、213-2252012
·Statistical uncertainty estimation using random forests and Its application to drought forecast Chen Junfei ,Li Ming,Wang WeiguangMathematical Problems in EngineeringArticle ID 915053、12 pages、2012. doi:10.1155/2012/9150532012
·Reference evapotranspiration change and the causes across the Yellow River Basin during 1957-2008 and their spatial and seasonal differences Wang Weiguang,Shao Quanxi,Peng Shizhang,Xing Wanqiu,Yang Tao,Luo Yufeng,Yong Bin,Xu JunzengWater Resources Research48,W05530,DOI: 10.1029/2011WR010724 2012
·Urban Water Consumption in a Rapidly Developing Flagship Megacity of South China: Prospective Scenarios and Implications Pengfei Shi,Tao Yang,Xi Chen,Zhongbo YuStochastic Environment Research and Risk Assessment10.1007/s00477-012-0672-z2012
·Effects of the discretisation cell size on the output uncertainty of regional groundwater evapotranspiration modelling Luo Yufeng,Khan Shahbaz, Peng Shizhang,Rana Tariq ,Wang Weiguang ,Jiang YunluMathematical and Computer Modelling56、1-2、1-13??2012
·Gaseous losses of nitrogen by ammonia volatilization and nitrous oxide emissions from rice paddies with different irrigation management Xu Junzeng,Peng Shizhang ,Hou Huijing,Yang Shihong ,Luo Yufeng,Wang Weiguang Irrigation Science1-122012
·A simplified multi-objective genetic algorithm optimization model for canal scheduling Peng Shizhang, Wang Ying ,Khan Shahbaz,Rana T. ,Luo YufengIrrigation and Drainage61、3、294-305?2012
·Integrated irrigation and drainage practices to enhance water productivity and reduce pollution in a rice production system Peng Shizhang,Luo Yufeng,Xu Junzeng ,Khan Shahbaz ,Jiao Xiyun ,Wang WeiguangIrrigation and Drainage61、3、285-2932012
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