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 Adaptive slope protection device using waste tires and vegetation coverage for slope deformation protectionZL200810098904.7DomesticChen ShengshuiPatent for Invention
 Optical coordinate instrument with remote maintenance functionsZL200310106598.4DomesticTang HongwuPatent for Invention
 Automatical floating rotor hydraulic device for dredging silt preventionZL200510094554.3DomesticTang HongwuPatent for Invention
 Combined riverbank ecological protection system using variable seepage slope for non-point source interception and purificationZL200610096765.5DomesticWang Chao, Wang PeifangPatent for Invention
 Method and device for renewing the suspension of underwater sediment in annular flume under simulated wind disturbanceZL200710025671.3DomesticWang Chao, Wang PeifangPatent for Invention
 Non-point source interception purification system with double platforms for medium and large river channelsZL200810123577.6DomesticWang Chao, Wang PeifangPatent for Invention
 Methods for forming the eco-purification double bed wetland systemZL200810018736.6DomesticWang Chao, Wang PeifangPatent for Invention
 Permeability test method and device for permeable formwork liner based on concrete slurry mediumZL200810235468.3DomesticGu ChongshiPatent for Invention
 Multifunction three-dimentional flower pilors made from waste veichle tiresZL200810098902.8DomesticChen ShengshuiPatent for Invention
 Adjustable environment protection device using waste tires to solve the problem of bumping at the head of bridgesZL200810098903.2DomesticChen ShengshuiPatent for Invention
 High-performance tracer particles and their production for testing the images of surface flow field of physical modelsZL200710021720.6DomesticTang HongwuPatent for Invention
 Jet pipe for dredging behind the underwater lie-down hydraulic gatesZL201020103263.2DomesticTang Hongwu, Xiao YangPatent for Invention
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